Monday, October 25, 2010

Interview with Veronica Morland

 You may recognize Veronica as the face of our current collection. We caught up with her recently to see what she has been up to and  interview her.

 A Brief History of yourself:
Although born in Australia, I spent four years of my young life growin up in the alpine region of France. Ever since, I have had a passion for foreign language and culture. I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, but moved to Brisbane to begin University. It was then that I began modelling and had the pleasure of meeting Ben Ringuet and his amazing designs.

Who do you be in awe of?
I am in awe of Charlotte Gainsbourg. She is unique, seemingly unphased by what is expected of her as a celebrity and style-icon. She moves, dresses and creates in a way that seems to come directly from her soul, and which reflects her intriguing hybrid anglo-francaise heritage. She is a quietly powerful woman who walks the line between cultures, I guess that's an ideal of mine.

When and how did you get in modeling?
The body as a form of creative medium has always fascinated me; I was always involved in drama and dance growing up. At a certain age, many acquaintances and strangers began suggesting I pursue modelling. I began working in the industry with local designers and photographers. Modelling has gradually developed into a passion of mine, it makes me feel transformed and elevated.

Do you have any other interests than modeling?
Certainly. I adore foreign language and culture, and have studied Italian, French and Japanese. I hope to travel abroad to immerse myself in the subtleties of other cultures before they are lost entirely. I also love music, and compose my own songs on piano and guitar.

If you could be anywhere on this earth where would it be and what would you be wearing?
I would be walking the hilly tuscan vinyards, wearing a straw hat, a flowing white dress (a la Benjamin Ringuet) and leather sandals.

What is your favourite thing about Benjamin Ringuet?
Benjamin, as a designer, has a rare talent for bringing multiple aspects of a concept and harmonising them in his designs. His collection marries structured pleats with flowing chiffon, strict Edwardian style with feminine whimsy, strength with vulnerability. To me, Benjamin Ringuet harnesses weighty conceptual elements and creates garments that are both inspired by and transcendental of humanity.

How do you burn salvation?
You transform your perception of judgment.

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