Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interview with Cameron Gullo

Cameron Gullo who you might recognize from Benjamin Ringuet's Redemption Look book, recently gave us his views on life, music and salvation:

Give me a brief history of yourself and your talent. 
I am the youngest of five kids in an Italian family full of high achievers. I was never the sporty type, things just didn't work out for me in that arena, however i picked up a guitar when i was 12, and the light shone for the first time. while all the kids in the class were talking about their father's commodore, i was talking about Jimi Hendrix and Madonna. I was involved with music in all my high school time. I am now in my final year of a marketing degree and am moving to London at the end of the year to make music there.

You look like a mixture between Michael Hutchence, Benjamin Ringuet and Jim Morrision.. how do you achieve this look? 
Never got a southern cross tattoo or a unit shirt. That's about it.

How did you get into modelling? 
Some things don't need to be told!

What interests do you have? 
I love to read, I love my family, I enjoy music, I like to talk and i think people are beautiful.

How do you taste salvation? 
I believe the most important thing in life is others. If common compassion stretched to the least in society, a better place this world would be. Salvation comes from compassion.

What was your first impression of Benjamin Ringuet? 
It felt like I'd stepped into a Mexican hair salon at an hour far too early for me, but an hour far to late for him. A good time it was!

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