Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Who are you to conform an anthem?
Walk backwards upon an uprising
Stare blankness into a revolution
Only heroes hide scars disillusioned by chance
Our minds wander far beyond the yellow brick road
To a land not of repentance, but of bright sunrises of salvation and promise.

A society grain feed hate
The taste of soil, grinding upon our teeth
All that was sacred, kept and discreet
Shown like a virgin upon a sea of mankind
Violently awaiting Armageddon

The end is here the end is nigh
The beginning is arriving
Its shadow fading out all that was yesterday
With an army of followers
Preaching deep into the valleys,
high above the mountains
Falling and failing to resurrect a forgotten dictator
learning to embrace a leader.

Where will you be when all is lost?
Hopefully clinging to all you have known throughout this short meaningless life
Gripping to one’s own honesty and character
Only to be re opened when we arrive
At the place we were created
Our Garden of Eden

- Benjamin Ringuet

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